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The Kerr Agency Difference

The insurance business is complex. There are hundreds and hundreds of agencies selling an score of different policies for a herd of different insurance providers. How to choose? Who to choose?

At The Kerr Agency, the foundation of our business is centered on learning everything we can about our clients in order to understand their risks and cover them with the right policy. Because we are brokers and not agents, we are not tied to any particular insurance company when it comes to locating coverage for you. This allows us to scour the market so that our clients can secure the best possible insurance program for them at the right level of investment.

We can say without exaggeration that we have a complete understanding of the insurance you need and what it does for you. As underwriters, we wrote the policies. We know how the policy works, what it covers and what it doesn’t. We work with insurance companies to optimize the areas your insurance covers and minimize what it doesn’t cover. Not too many other agents have the industry expertise or understanding of policies to be able to do that for you.


TKA clients are saying:

I was amazed how you tore through our policy showing us stuff we didn’t need. I thought it was all part of the package I bought. That’s what I was told. You found us a policy that fit us perfectly. We saved so much money
that it actually impacted our projected earnings for the year.

Ryan L.
H&H Packaging


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