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Media Liability Insurance

As a face of the media, whether broadcaster or publisher, media liability insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that protects you from claims resulting from the gathering and communication of information. You need adequate coverage against defamation and invasion of privacy claims along with copyright and/or trademark infringement. Media liability insurance is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance or communications liability insurance.

Today’s prevalence of technology as part of business, whether on TV, in ads or on social media, is pushing the boundaries of exposure. You can’t afford not to be protected from public scrutiny, whether you’re ultimately found to be guilty or not. The damage to your reputation alone can bring about devastating blows to your professional image. The Kerr Agency has the coverage you need to protect yourself, your image and your business. You can get media liability insurance on one of two formats: occurrence based or claims made to cover media exposures including defamation, copyright and trademark, and negligence.

Media Liability Insurance – Affordable Premiums

Claims-made coverage is designed for incidents that happen while the policy is in effect, with premiums for this type of insurance generally being affordable than others as they’re based on current experience rather than potential future liability. Occurrence coverage, more like traditional home and car insurance policies, will cover incidents that happen while the policy is in force, regardless of when the claim was filed. You don’t need to add on supplemental prior acts and tail coverage policies; however, you will pay more for this option overall.

The Kerr Agency works with all types of media professionals and industries including:

  • Video game publishers and distributors
  • Advertising agencies and public relations firms
  • Audio content composers and distributors
  • Authors
  • Book, magazine, newspaper and website publishers
  • Broadcasters in radio and TV
  • Multimedia companies
  • Commercial printer
  • Speakers
  • Freelance writers

There are many reasons why you need media liability insurance. Although media professionals and publishers are always concerned about libel and copyright infringement, there has been a recent dramatic rise in both the number and severity of claims for errors and omissions pertaining to media. Media liability goes above and beyond traditional claims such as libel, copyright infringement, privacy invasion, piracy and plagiarism, media liability E&O protects the insured against claims of physical injuries or economic loss caused by negligence in publication, for example.

Because The Kerr Agency is a brokerage firm and not an agency, we can give you access to hundreds of insurance companies, including the top-rated carriers, which translates to the best coverage and protections for your media company. From the self-employed to the large corporations, we can provide you with detailed advice on how to select the best possible media liability coverage. Call us today at 732-383-5865 or fill out our convenient online Request Quote form.