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Ken Scaggs - President - The Kerr AgencyKen Scaggs | Owner & President

Ken Scaggs brings more than a decade of insurance experience to The Kerr Agency Management. Ken has held several key positions in the insurance industry, including working as an underwriter for some billion dollar companies. This expertise in underwriting commercial insurance has put him in a unique position as a broker. As a result, Ken has turned The Kerr Agency into an educational resource for his customers, believing that your broker should work with you to secure the best policy for your needs.

Ken has a “one size does not fit all” philosophy, and this, coupled with his insider knowledge of the insurance world and how policies are written allows The Kerr Agency to offer their customers the exact insurance they need – no more, no less.

Dedicated to philanthropy and his local community, Ken is active with several business organizations throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties. He believes in giving back, sponsoring an array of charities, both personally and through The Kerr Agency, and spending time with his family.



Dan Scaggs - VP - The Kerr AgencyDan Scaggs | Vice President

Although a relative newcomer The Kerr Agency Management and the insurance business, Dan Scaggs‘ forte is identifying needs and forging lasting relationships. Dan enjoys helping small businesses look out for their future, and his background working with people makes him the perfect go-to person to help a company ferret out the hidden areas where they need the most security.

Dan’s ability to assist people in an honest assessment of their needs is the perfect complement to his brother Ken’s insurance acumen. Together, their skills afford The Kerr Agency the ability to give their clients an unprecedented experience – an insurance brokerage that determines the individual needs of its customers coupled with the know-how to select and refine a policy that meets those needs exactly.