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Lawyer E&O Insurance

The Kerr Agency is proud to have many years of experience working directly with lawyers and attorneys. Our lawyer E&O insurance is designed specifically to cover you in the event a claim is brought against you or your firm. We cater to a broad range of practice areas, with skilled and knowledgeable professionals who understand your industry inside and out.

Also known as management liability, Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance for lawyers – lawyer E&O insurance –  protects decisions made by your firm. In effect, it’s designed to cover any associated defense costs that may be incurred through investigations of criminal acts or regulations, whether intentional or accidental on your part. These risks are very large and have the potential to run into the thousands and hundreds of thousand of dollars. Not only is your bank account at stake, but your very reputation as well. You’ve worked long and hard to become a lawyer. Don’t put it all at risk.

As your leading professional commercial lines property and casualty insurance services broker, The Kerr Agency is happy to serve Monmouth County, New Jersey, and beyond. We write cost-effective, well-constructed policies tailored to our lawyer clients based in the NJ-NY metro area, helping you protect what’s yours through carefully crafted and customized insurance policies.

Lawyer E&O Insurance – It really doesn’t matter how large or small your firm is…

Protecting your law firm is an important part of your total insurance package. It really doesn’t matter how large or small your firm is, what kind of law you practice, or who your clients are. Lawyers insurance as part of a D&O policy purchase is a critical aspect of your business approach.

We understand it’s not easy to operate your firm, whether you have 100 employees or one. Let The Kerr Agency protect you in those decisions that affect not only yourself but the entire company. Your goal should be to shield the company assets from any lawsuits. For that, you’ll need The Kerr Agency on your side, which has provided lawyer insurance for thousands of firms over the years thanks to our vast knowledge and expertise to work for our clients. It’s our job to create coverage programs that cover all the gaps and that respond to meet your specific risks as an attorney. We take that job very seriously, taking a collaborative approach to our dealings with you.

We can connect you with policies that fit your standard risks in addition to the hard-to-place or non-standard law practice risks that don’t quite fit into standard market programs. These definitions and what constitutes a hard to place risk will differ by insurance company. We would be happy to sit down with you and go over lawyer insurance in detail. However, in short, a standard risk is an established firm that hasn’t had any claims, or at least any significant losses, in its past. Hard to place risk refers to firms that can’t readily find coverage in the standard market due to high frequency of claims or at-risk focus areas such as environmental, entertainment, tort law, and intellectual property.