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Management Liability, Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

Also known as management liability, Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance protects the decisions made by a company’s management team, such as the Board of Directors, managers, or Officers. More specifically, this type of coverage is designed to cover any associated defense costs that may be incurred through investigations of criminal acts or regulations, whether intentional or accidental on your part. Can you afford to risk NOT having this type of insurance coverage? Not when you consider the astronomically high costs these types of defenses usually entail. All it takes is one lawsuit and your reputation, not to mention your business, can be wiped out.

The Kerr Agency is your leading professional commercial lines property and casualty insurance services broker, serving all of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and beyond. Our specialty lies in writing cost-effective, well-constructed policies that are individually tailored to our clients based in the NJ-NY metro area and in select markets throughout the United States. We can help you protect what’s yours through carefully crafted and customized directors and officers insurance policies.

D & O Insurance – Is different from professional liability insurance

Protecting your directors and officers (management) entity is a critical component and should be a vital part of your total insurance package. It doesn’t matter which type of company you have – for-profit, non-profit, public or private – a D&O policy purchase is a vital aspect of your business approach. D&O insurance is a bit different from your Professional Liability policy because it doesn’t protect your services but rather your management. If, for instance, your company were ever to go bankrupt with the stocks becoming worthless, the CEO may be fired but the rest of the company still has a leg to stand on in court for its defense or even a settlement for shareholders when a solid D&O policy is in place.

We know it’s not easy to operate your business. Whether you own a bank, retail store, charity organization or pharmaceutical company, you have to face tough decisions every single day. Let Kerr Agency protect you in those decisions that affect not only yourself and management staff but the entire company. Your top priority is to shield the company assets from any lawsuits. Who do you want on your side? Kerr Agency has provided D&O insurance for thousands of companies, organizations, partnerships and limited liability companies, utilizing our vast knowledge and expertise to work for our clients. We work hard to create coverage programs that cover all the gaps and that respond to meet your specific risks. The end result is a customized insurance policy that gives you peace of mind.

Kerr Agency is a brokerage firm and not an agency, giving us unparalleled access to hundreds of insurance companies – even the top-rated carriers. This means you get the best coverage and protections for your company, whether you’re a small start-up or an experienced enterprise-level firm. Let us give you detailed advice on how to select the best possible D&O coverage – directors and officers coverage – for your business. Call us today at 732-383-5865 or fill out our convenient online Request Quote form.

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