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Cyber Liability Insurance

You’re plugging along taking lots of orders and everything’s fine – till someone hacks into your database and steals all your client or employee information. Everything grinds to a halt as your website goes down and can’t accept orders while the investigation begins. Can you afford this downtime – which can last several days or more? What about the potential lawsuits brought against you by those employees and customers who had their account number and social security number information stolen from you under your watch?

Here at The Kerr Agency, based in Monmouth County, we offer comprehensive cyber liability insurance that protects you in this type of scenario and many others. Don’t assume your general liability policy will cover you – in fact, it specifically excludes losses due to cyber hacking and other Internet-based issues. However, rest assured, you can fill in the gaps with a cyber liability policy customized just for you. With more than nine million Americans becoming the victims of identity theft every year to the tune of more than $15 billion, you can’t leave cyber security threats up to chance.

Cyber Liability Insurance – You’re exposed to the threat of very real losses due to security and privacy…

No matter what type of business you have, large or small, you’re exposed to the threat of very real losses due to security and privacy issues. More and more businesses are storing their precious information in cloud-based data systems, leaving them even more vulnerable to attack than ever before. Don’t stand by and let your company’s sensitive data be compromised; once it happens you can’t reverse it. It’s best to be prepared BEFORE anything goes wrong.

Insurance is an essential component of any risk management strategy for companies of all sizes. Understanding the various policies can be daunting if you’re new to the game, which is why you can feel good about choosing The Kerr Agency for your cyber liability insurance. Securing a solid security and privacy policy giving you first and third party coverage means you can adequately respond to a variety of harmful types of losses, such as security breaches and identity theft.

As said before, this specialty coverage can be confusing, as the language can be different from policy to policy and company to company. Our Monmouth County specialists are qualified to assist you in protecting you through exposure identification, coverage analysis and policy placement. Technology companies require a special kind of insurance that covers them more thoroughly than other types of professions. Such companies may include anything from Application Service Providers and Database Managers to Electronics Manufacturers and Network Security Services.

You may be hesitant about signing up for cyber insurance due to the anticipated cost on top of all your other commercial insurance requirements. Truth is, cyber insurance is more affordable than you think, with low deductibles and premiums. In addition, our policies cover a wide range of scenarios, from the cost of business interruption to the cost of hiring a public relations firm to do damage control on your reputation after a breach. While a large firm may be able to rely on other lines of revenue while one portion is shut down due to cyber attack, a small business may not have that luxury. That’s why even small companies need to consider the importance of cyber liability insurance Monmouth. Luckily, we have a variety of packages we can customize to meet your specific needs and budgetary restraints.

To find out what we can do for you, get in touch with The Kerr Agency now.