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What does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost?

What does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cost? - Malpractice insurance, a form of professional liability insurance, covers a variety of specific risks present within the healthcare profession. Doctors, surgeons, dentists…all of these professionals and more should have adequate coverage when it comes to medical malpractice. Even with employer coverage, you should also buy your own medical [...]

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Medical Malpractice: Top 7 Reason Doctors Get Sued

Medical Malpractice Sobering Statistics Here’s a sobering statistic: by age 60, 80 percent of doctors have experienced at least one medical malpractice suit. Furthermore, the average compensation in medical malpractice claims is $485,000, with average jury awards after a verdict being double that of out-of-court settlement: $799,000 for jury awards and $462,000 for settlements, according [...]

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