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The Kerr Agency: Insurance on a Higher Level

Who we are:

The Kerr Agency is a Monmouth County, New Jersey professional lines insurance broker serving individuals, firms, and businesses throughout the New Jersey and New York metro area, as well as select markets throughout the country. We offer professional liability advice, services, and solutions and specialize in customizing policies for our clients. Our goal is to protect your assets and manage your risks with the best possible program for you.

Because we are a brokerage firm and not an agency, we are not tied to just one insurance company. As a result, we have access to hundreds of insurance carriers and we can survey the markets that are best for your business.

What sets us apart:

We focus on offering our clients truly customized programs and packages that are both well-constructed and cost-effective. Our unique background in professional lines means that we know how policies work, and we work with insurance carriers to optimize your coverage.

The Kerr Agency Approach:

Thorough. We take the time to develop a complete understanding of the specific needs of your business, so that we can secure the best possible insurance program for your needs.

Knowledgeable. Because of our extensive background in the insurance industry, including years of working in commercial lines underwriting, we know exactly how specific programs and policies work. This allows us to optimize solutions specifically for you.

Accessible. Each client speaks and consults directly with a member of our senior staff, in order to provide the best possible service.